Understanding Facebook Reach and How to Quickly Grow Yours

Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet. Brands love it because it enables them to connect with a truly global audience. The advertising tools that it offers are also among the best in the business.  It goes without saying that any business that’s trying to generate sales online will devote a big […]

13 Tips to Create Videos for Your Business to Share on Social Media

Businesses of every size should include social media marketing as part of their overall marketing plan, and video needs to be central to that strategy. Video is highly engaging for viewers, and is now the media format that is most consumed and shared on social media. In fact, by 2022 online videos will make up […]

iOS 14 and Facebook Ads: How It Can Affect Your Campaigns

Apple is one of the leading device manufacturers in the world. As of January this year, the company has an active install base of more than 1.65 billion devices across the globe. This massive ecosystem that Apple has created provides marketers with an incredible opportunity.  Customers who use Apple devices are known to have higher […]

The Fast Way To Boost Your Social Media Reach: Get Rid of Fake Followers

Social media is obsessed with numbers. Who has the most followers, whose posts see higher engagement, videos get more views or blog gets the most readers. It’s all a numbers game. When brands work with influencers, they prefer those who have a large following. However, numbers alone never tell the whole story.  The fake social […]

9 Ways to Present Your Products and Services So They’ll Sell Faster

As a small business, you always want to find effective and innovative ways of selling your products or services. While some of this comes down to paid advertising, a large portion of it is also related to how you present your products and services. If you are still struggling to find the best way to […]

How to Incorporate a Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategy Into Your Marketing

If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to incorporate Facebook Retargeting into your marketing strategy.  But first, what is retargeting? Put simply, it’s a marketing tool used to “target” those prospects who have, in some way, shown interest in your website in the past.  Why is this such a great idea? Well, those potential customers […]

6 Places You Should Be Publishing Your Content Other Than Your Blog

After spending so much time and effort crafting a perfect blog post, you may be ready to call it a day.  But if you don’t make an effort to reach new audiences on other platforms, you’ll limit your reach and your ability to gain traffic to your blog. By posting your content to these sites, […]