Best Social Media Contest Ideas For The 2022 Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. It’s a frantic time of the year for brands as online marketing efforts peak during this period. With so much competition for both organic and paid traffic, brands need to think outside the box to ensure that they can generate buzz and achieve maximum ROI for their efforts.  Pick […]

Preparing Your Social Media for the 2022 Holiday Sales Push

Social media is crucial for brand marketing now more than ever before. It’s of particular importance during the holiday season when people are actively looking to purchase items for themselves and their loved ones. The holiday season is both an opportunity and a challenge for brands as the competition is fierce at this time of […]

5 Tools to Build Your Own Online Community, and Why Every Business Should

Online communities can prove to be a highly effective tool for marketing. The ROI that these communities can generate is immense. Businesses can utilize these communities to increase their brand awareness, build trust in the business, and ultimately get people to convert into paying customers. Furthermore, they also enable brands to control the narrative about […]

16 Websites Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing On

You hopefully know that video marketing is an important part of your small business digital marketing. But just creating videos and posting them on your website is not enough to see results. Instead, you should be sharing your videos on various websites. The websites that you decide to use video marketing on will depend on […]

Why the Facebook Ad Library can be your secret weapon

Running Facebook ads can be a daunting experience, particularly if you’re a small business that can’t afford to have a digital marketing agency on the payroll. You’re probably having to do everything yourself, from designing the creatives to writing copy, setting up campaigns, dialing in the targeting and executing the campaigns.  It can all get […]

How To Reduce Facebook Ads Cost In 2022

Whether you’ve been running Facebook Ads for a long time or are only just starting out advertising on the world’s leading social media network, the cost of running these ads will certainly be a major consideration.  With billions of users across the globe in every demographic, Facebook is arguably the best place to be for […]

Facebook Marketing Myths You Need To Forget

Facebook sounds like the best place to start with your paid social media campaigns and with good reason. It has almost 3 billion users across the globe, reaching 59% of the entire social networking population across the globe. That massive user base makes Facebook an attractive destination for brands.  More than 10 million active advertisers […]