8 Video Ideas Small Businesses Should Incorporate Into Their Digital Marketing

Every small business should at least consider video marketing. Videos are an incredibly popular form of consuming content. If you don’t create videos, you are missing out on a large segment of your potential audience. You can share your videos on your website, YouTube, and social media channels.  But one of the challenges with video […]

What is Search Intent and How to Leverage it to Increase Rankings

Google’s ranking algorithms have progressed significantly in the past few years. While it was possible to obtain high rankings for your content through strategic keyword placement and link building in the past, that’s no longer the case. They’re still crucial elements for any SEO strategy but Google now takes into account a lot more before […]

What Google’s Latest SEO Update Is All About

There are many who proclaim that SEO is dead and there is enough circumstantial evidence for them to back up this claim. The rise of video content, particularly short from video, has drastically changed the way people consume knowledge on the internet. So while people may have searched for something they had a question about […]

Top LinkedIn B2B Content Ideas In 2022

Much like the rest of them, LinkedIn is a social media network, but its core purpose is fundamentally different from that of something like Facebook or TikTok. LinkedIn started out as a way for professionals to connect with each other. Since its acquisition by Microsoft, it has grown into a bona fide behemoth and now […]

5 Tools to Build Your Own Online Community, and Why Every Business Should

Online communities can prove to be a highly effective tool for marketing. The ROI that these communities can generate is immense. Businesses can utilize these communities to increase their brand awareness, build trust in the business, and ultimately get people to convert into paying customers. Furthermore, they also enable brands to control the narrative about […]

7 Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses That Deliver Results

How do you get more traffic and boost your website’s visibility in the search engines? Link building is a proven way to accomplish both! It will not only increase the chances that someone comes across a link to your website, but it also adds to your reputation factor in the search engines, giving you a […]

8 Creative Ways for Small Businesses to Grow Their Email List

Every small business needs to have an email list – it’s one of the most valuable assets you can develop in today’s largely digital world.  Having a list of people you can send information to regarding product launches, sales, and service reminders will give you a big boost to your business. But you need people […]