We knew that content marketing was critical to our success, but we just weren’t getting enough of it done. Content Delivered changed that.

David Alonso – CEO Tracker RMS

Who is Content Delivered for?

Content Delivered is for entrepreneurs and sales and marketing professionals that need high-quality blog content for their business, but that struggle to find the time, resources or focus to consistently produce content on their own. Unlike our competitors, Content Delivered provides a turnkey service to manage the whole process of outlining topics, finding writers, reviewing drafts, and editing for an on-time delivery to give you back your most precious resource – time.

All Service Plans Include:

You’ll get the same focus on quality and service regardless of which service plan you choose:

  • Dedicated Account Management to ensure on-time delivery and highly responsive service
  • A complete turnkey ‘managed service’ so you can have peace of mind knowing that your content production is ‘handled’.
  • Rigorous writer evaluation and selection to ensure your content is of the highest quality.
  • Topic and Keyword research to ensure that your content equally serves readers and search engines alike.
  • Every article is Copyscape-verified to ensure uniqueness.
  • Licensed Images to make your post visually engaging.
  • Our ‘Free Revisions Guarantee’ to ensure that each post meets your high expectations.

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Flexible pricing designed for all companies and individuals.

On Demand

$ 97 .00/month

The On Demand service is designed for businesses who have less frequent content needs, but that want a resource familiar with their business and ‘on the ready’ to produce high-quality content that’s in alignment with their ‘voice’ and sales and marketing goals.

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Fully Managed

$ 1,500 .00/month

The Fully Managed service is designed for businesses that require a consistent schedule of content produced on their behalf. For many clients we are their entire ‘Content Team’, and for others, we compliment an in-house team that needs extra capacity.

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For two reasons: quality and service. We write content for businesses whose reputations will be impacted by the quality of content they produce and share with their prospects and clients, so we only use high-quality writers that cost more than the writers found at many of our competitors. We also are not a ‘content factory’ that exists simply to produce high volumes of low-quality content for the search engines without concern for whether or not an actual human will ever read the content. Finally, our service goes way beyond a writer simply producing a post. We do content planning, writer selection, writing, and editing on your behalf, and provide Account Management that gets to know your business and ensures we are meeting your goals. Simply comparing our services to a ‘per word’ quote from a writer is not an apples to apples comparison.

We are not a marketplace. We don’t try to match you up with one of 100,000+ writers or sell you pre-written content. We are a ‘managed service’, meaning that we take complete responsibility for producing your content – from initial outline to final edits – so that you can focus on other things. Our special offers are for a limited time, with new offers replacing them each month. This is to encourage you to take advantage of them while they are available and explore businesses and experiences you might otherwise not make it to in your normal routine.

We create content primarily for your prospects and clients to consume, and secondarily for the search engines. While we do common sense keyword research and incorporate keywords into your content, we don’t let SEO drive the content we create. New offers are created every month, and previous offers will expire. Watch for our member email newsletter and check out our website each month to stay current on the offers that are available to you.

As much or as little as you’d like. For some of our clients, we supplement their in-house team of writers and editors, and we are provided with a clear list of topics and deadlines to work with. For others, we are their entire content team, and we are proactively driving the Editorial Plan for our client with nothing more than the occasional feedback from them to help fine-tune the voice of the content. Our service is meant to adapt to your needs. Either way, we expect to meet with you for at least one hour quarterly to ensure that we are on track and producing work you are thrilled with. Although getting a deal is an attractive part of many of our offers, our focus in on creating unique, memorable experiences for our members while being healthy partners for the businesses we collaborate with.

One of the primary benefits of our service is saving you time, so we do as much as possible to create high-quality content that is complete and ready to use, without having to take your time. In the beginning of our relationship, we’ll need a few hours with you to learn about your business, your marketing plans, and your vision for your content, and you’ll likely have feedback to give us on the work we are producing to help fine-tune it to meet your expectations. But after the first 30 days of producing content, we should be off to the races with very little input necessary from you.

As many as are necessary. Our goal is for you to be 100% proud of your content, so we’ll work until we get it right.

Absolutely. We love working with larger-scale content operations – marketing agencies, publications, etc. – to help you meet your content demands without having to invest in more overhead. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

You do.

Writing is an art and not a science. We look to work with our partners at the onset of new client relations to develop our understanding of the voice, tone, and particulars of the kind of content they are looking for. We are happy to take feedback and submit revisions as needed. If you are not satisfied with our work – you do not have to pay for it. It is that simple.

Yes. We will work with you to evaluate your needs quarterly and make adjustments as necessary to make sure that you have the best plan to meet your needs in the upcoming quarter.

You’ll Love Your Content. We Guarantee It.

We want you to be proud of your content, which is why every piece of content comes with unlimited edits. And if for some reason we can’t get it right, you don’t have to pay for it. No questions asked.


What people say about us

David Alonso

CEO, Tracker RMS

“Content Delivered produces blog posts that make us look good with our prospects. I don’t have to think about it – they just do it.”

David Mentzel

CEO, Sales Genesis

“Content Delivered gives us the content to generate awareness and pull interested prospects into our pipeline, without having to make the investment in additional employees on our team.”

David Alonso

CEO, Tracker RMS

“We knew that content marketing was critical to our success, but we just weren’t getting enough of it done. Content Delivered changed that.”

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