What is Clubhouse, and Do You Need It for Business?

The newest social media app on the scene is an invite-only platform called Clubhouse. With its exclusivity and limitation to iPhones (for now), there are a lot of questions about this new app and what it brings to the table.  Get a quick overview of Clubhouse and learn if it’s worth your time and attention! […]

Unlock the Potential of the Gig Economy for Your Business

Is the rise of the gig economy the best thing that ever happened to small business? Okay, maybe that’s an overstatement. But the benefits are big. For businesses on a limited budget who need some experienced help, the increase in freelancers has been a boon. Companies are no longer forced to choose between an industry […]

The Scientific Approach to Growing Your Business

There are only two ways to increase profitability — to increase sales, or to cut expenses.  Some strategies for increasing sales are huge undertakings. A new product line or a major marketing campaign cost major time and money. But without a major investment, you can increase your sales by improving your conversion rate — the […]

7 Tips for Effective Copywriting

Professional copywriters are experts in sales and human psychology. They know what makes people tick and how to connect with an audience to get them to spend their hard-earned dollars on a product or service. They’re also very expensive. A top-tier copywriter can charge upper five-figures to write a website. And many small businesses aren’t […]

6 Powerful Workflow Automation Tools for Small Business

There are never enough hours in the day. We get so bogged down in the minutiae of keeping the gears running that it doesn’t leave much time for big picture planning or strategy sessions.  With some clever automations, you can slash the time you need to complete simple tasks. Let the bots do the grunt […]

Is it Time to Say Goodbye to the Office?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take a long, hard look at some things we used to take for granted. Over the past year, we’ve explored the wide world of masks, found a new appreciation for our wonderful public school teachers, and learned about the true value of toilet paper.  We’ve also learned that […]

4 Professional Development Resources for You and Your Team

In a perfect world, every business owner would have an unlimited budget that would buy them access to the top talent they needed. In reality, budget constraints mean that often, small business owners and their employees have to be versatile and knowledgeable in a number of areas. The CEO may be running the marketing department. […]

Getting Comfortable with Mobile First Web Design

The way people interact with the internet has evolved. When the web was new, all internet traffic came from a desktop computer. While some early smartphones were released throughout the 2000s, they could only access a “dumbed down” version of the internet.  Everything changed in 2007, when Apple released their first iPhone. Suddenly, we could […]