Link-building strategies that work in 2022

The guidance on how to get your content to rank high in search results has changed over the years. The focus is always on Google, which is the world’s leading search engine, and it often makes changes to its algorithms that require content marketers to adapt their strategies.  The algorithm updates that Google makes can […]

Why you should be maximizing your content on social media

Build it and they will come, is how the popular saying goes, but it’s not entirely accurate when it comes to social media. The general advice for brands now is that they must absolutely have a social media presence. However, this goes far beyond just firing up your favorite social media platform and creating an […]

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs YouTube Shorts

The popularity of short form video content has skyrocketed online with social networks like TikTok being the major drivers of this trend. Other social networks have taken notice and launched their own short form video platforms. Most people wouldn’t associate short form videos with YouTube. It’s the place where they go to watch lengthy vlogs, […]

6 Ways To Increase Your ROI With Digital Marketing

Some people mistakenly believe that digital marketing is an expensive way to market a business. But it is more affordable than you realize and easily pays for itself. On top of that, it is a necessity. If you don’t create a strong online presence, it can be difficult to grow your business.  You won’t get […]

How To Reduce Facebook Ads Cost In 2022

Whether you’ve been running Facebook Ads for a long time or are only just starting out advertising on the world’s leading social media network, the cost of running these ads will certainly be a major consideration.  With billions of users across the globe in every demographic, Facebook is arguably the best place to be for […]

How Instagram Can Help You Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic is fast becoming an elusive commodity. You’d be hard pressed to find a niche without any competition. This makes it incredibly difficult to rank well on search engines, thus leaving you at the mercy of paid ads to drive traffic.  The conventional wisdom around increasing website traffic is no longer enough. Yes, you […]

6 Things to Know About Using Local Influencers in Your Digital Marketing

As you think about your digital marketing strategy, don’t forget to consider using local influencers. This can be a very useful and cost-effective way to promote your company. Additionally, even small businesses likely have the budget to work with local influencers. You simply have to know which influencers to focus on.  Understanding Local Influencers First, […]