Why Content Marketing Is Still Relevant in 2022

Every marketer has heard the adage “Content is King.” The idea behind is simple enough. If your content speaks for itself and helps people find the answers to what they’re looking for, then you’re set.  However, with the significant evolution that online marketing has gone through over the past decade or so, many now believe […]

Why You Should Focus on Local SEO in 2022

What comes to your mind when you think of SEO?  For most, the answer is a combination of content marketing and keywords.  To say that this is a narrow view of SEO, particularly in 2022, wouldn’t entirely be inaccurate.  While it’s true that conventional SEO is still as important today as it was many, many […]

Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Marketing is essential for any business. You need to put your message in front of the desired audience in order to grow the business substantially.  Marketing has evolved significantly over the past few decades. Online or digital marketing in particular has revolutionized the way businesses reach out to prospects, nurture leads, and close sales. At […]

How to Write More Engaging Social Media Posts

It can be difficult to create and keep engagement with social media accounts because the algorithms make it tricky. When you invest money, effort, and time, you want to see results for your efforts. This means you will want to reach your goals on your social media platform. With the right tips, your posts will […]

Six Tips to Incorporate TikTok into Your Small Business Marketing

When talking about small business digital marketing, TikTok likely isn’t the first platform to come to mind. But most businesses should at least consider marketing on TikTok. If many of your target audience are on TikTok, you need to be there. Whether you already have a TikTok marketing strategy you are looking to improve or […]

Ways Local Businesses Can Use Instagram to Get More Customers

One of the most known social media platforms among the younger generations is Instagram. It is an extremely visual platform. Instagram primarily focuses on videos and images rather than posts made up of texts. On the global list of platforms that engage users, Instagram holds a solid place, with Facebook continuing to dominate the field. […]

16 Websites Small Businesses Can Use Video Marketing On

You hopefully know that video marketing is an important part of your small business digital marketing. But just creating videos and posting them on your website is not enough to see results. Instead, you should be sharing your videos on various websites. The websites that you decide to use video marketing on will depend on […]

How to Create a Digital Marketing Budget as a Small Business

Every aspect of running a small business can be incredibly challenging, including creating a budget. Most small businesses are on a very tight budget, so you want to ensure that you distribute it in a way that doesn’t neglect any of your business needs. Depending on your digital marketing experience, it can be even harder […]