Seven Things to Include in Every Marketing Video to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

Video has become the most powerful way to market your business in the online world today. Video consumption has gone through the roof, starting with YouTube, and has now spread to other channels like Facebook and Instagram.

You’ll want to create video for your business to help you grow the attention that you have in the marketplace and generate new leads and customers.

To make each of those videos most effective, we’ve gathered seven things that every marketing video should include to get the most bang for your buck.

#1. Know your single purpose

The first thing is a single purpose.

Each video that you create should have a single purpose that you’re clear on before you ever start creating the video. This will make sure that the content and direction of the video is as focused as possible to ensure that you get the outcome that you’re looking for.

A video that’s designed to be shared is very different from a video that’s designed to get somebody to click and visit your shopping cart to make a purchase.

Know exactly what you want to do before you create the video and you’ll have a much better chance of creating a video that will actually achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

#2. Have an optimized title

The second thing is an optimized title.

An optimized title should be attention grabbing and should include the major benefit that someone will get from watching the video. It should also include the most important keyword associated with that video.

By doing these things, you ensure that your video will have the best chance of showing up on search score as well as grab the attention of the user that you’re trying to attract by having a powerful marketing message.

#3. Have a keyword optimized description

The third thing is a complete keyword optimized description.

Video is heavily searched, and one of the major factors that determines how likely a video is to show up in the search engines is its description. You should write a thorough keyword optimized description to give your videos the best chance at showing up in search.

A helpful recommendation to do this is to transcribe your video and include an edited version of the transcription as your description.

#4. Captions

The fourth thing to include in your videos is captions.

Captions are the text that appears on the bottom of a video that shows you what the speaker in the video is saying, but do it in a text-based format. This is ideal for when a viewer of your video does not have the sound on, but would still like to get the information in the video.

This is actually very common, as a lot of people flip through their social media and watch videos in environments where they don’t want to be loud so that they aren’t distracting other people.

So by having captions on the video, you give them a way of consuming the content still, even though they don’t have their audio turned on.

#5. Get a thumbnail

The fifth thing that should be included with every video is a thumbnail.

A thumbnail is an image that shows before someone watches the video.

As people search for videos, it’s actually the thumbnail that will show up. The thumbnail should be an eye-catching image and include some copy on that image associated with the title and major benefit of the video.

Having a strong thumbnail is an important part of winning in the search environment.

#6. Have a strong brand

Next is your brand.

You should make sure to include your brand in all aspects of every video that you create. It should be included in the thumbnail by having your logo there, and perhaps having an image of you personally, if it’s a personal brand.

You should also have a branded introduction to your videos where you state your name, your company name, and tell them the handle of the account that you’d like them to follow. You should always find a way to work in key branding messaging in your video.

Taglines, brand statements, things like that can be used in your video to make sure that people are connecting to your brand while they’re watching the video. Always make sure that you have your brand included in every video.

#7. Call to action

The final tip is to include a call to action.

Every marketing video should have a ‘call to action’. That call to action may be that you tell them to contact your business or to download something or to purchase something or to follow your account or to share it with a friend.

There are many different ways that you can perform a call to action in your video, but make sure that you always have something so that the viewers of your videos will do what you ask them to do. Have them take action in the sales and marketing environment.

Those are seven tips to help you make a great marketing video that will not call attention to your business but potentially increase your company’s revenue too.

So take action and implement these tips right away, because me? I always make sure that I do.

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