Use This New Tool To Create Beautiful Presentations With Ease

Presentations are such an important part of business communications, but it seems like the tools to create effective presentations haven’t evolved much in decades. PowerPoint and Keynote have been the workhorses of presentation content since what seems like the beginning of computer time, and without a lot of competition.

But there’s a new presentation tool that’s hit the market, that has us really excited, and creates better presentations than ever.

Beautiful.Ai uses artificial intelligence to impose better design on your presentation and help you create presentations more quickly and efficiently, and we love it!

Visualize Your Ideas

One of the primary benefits of the tool is that it helps you visualize your ideas. Like many of us, you may have found that your presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote are becoming slide after slide of bullet points. Beautiful.Ai will help you take those same ideas and extract them from bullet points and put them into visual images that tell a story and communicate your ideas with more punch.

The software contains many smart templates for visualizing your content so you aren’t starting from scratch. This makes it much quicker to create your presentations as well as much easier to create presentations that have visual impact and communicate your ideas effectively.

Designs That Automatically Adapt

One of the really cool features is that slide design automatically adapts as you add content. So that three-layered pyramid image that you’re using to communicate your idea automatically becomes a four-layered pyramid image as you decide to add another idea. Subtract an idea, and it’s back to three layers again.

All of that happens automatically without you having to make any adjustments to the design of the content yourself. This is a huge relief for those of us who are design impaired.

Image Library Included

The software also includes a built-in library of beautiful free images so you’ll never struggle to find the right image for the message that you’re trying to communicate.

Format, Collaborate and Share How You’d Like

All of the presentations are created online and also easily shared online, making it easy to incorporate them into blog posts, social media, webinars, or online presentations to your team.

You can easily download the slides as PowerPoint presentations, pdfs or jpeg images so that you can use them in a variety of different ways.

There is also built in comment management, so your team can collaborate to get the presentation just right before it goes live.

It’s Free!

The best thing about Beautiful.Ai right now is that it’s free. Of course, that can’t last forever, so we highly recommend that you create your account now and start using the software right away for better presentations and more impactful communication.

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