7 Content Marketing Trends to Know Heading Into 2020

With ads everywhere– on our social media feeds, on TV and subscription TV services, and on YouTube, just to mention a few– it can be hard to maintain an audience and gain new followers. But by keeping up with the marketing trends as we approach 2020, you can keep your business competitive. Check them out below!

#1 More Interactive Content

How are you supposed to keep up when it seems that there are ads at every turn? Well, one step is to create content that engages your readers, making it harder for them to click off into the Internet abyss after only a few seconds of viewing. The way to do that? Interactive content. Augmented reality, virtual reality, quizzes, shoppable posts, surveys, and polls are just some examples of content that gets readers clicking, engaging, and coming back for more.

In the world of real estate, for example, potential buyers are looking for virtual tours of homes or commercial locations. Gone are the days when pictures and text were enough. Viewers expect to be able to engage with real estate content from the comfort of their living rooms. Think about your business. Is there a way you can make your content more interactive for your customers?

#2  Further Cooperation with Influencers

In another one of my articles, I talked about the important of micro-influencing, LINK (Link to Article Here). In 2020, I fully expect this trend to explode even further. If you haven’t already tapped into the influencing game, you’re missing out. 

Put simply, influencers are people who are trusted in their area of expertise to give solid advice and/or promote legitimate business enterprises. Since they have quite a following, you’re able to align your business with not only the trusted influencer but their large audience too. 

#3 More (and Smarter) Chatbots

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Think chatbots are cold and distant? Think again. In 2020, we can expect to see chatbots used in multiple ways, one of which is conveying brand identity. Of course, these businesses would have to be willing to develop creative chat responses for their customers’ many questions, but it’s already being done. 

Chatbots are yet another way that you can get people interacting with your brand instead of just looking at it. Consider including chatbot exclusives, like discounts, coupon codes, or limited-time offers.

#4 Voice Search

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As voice search becomes more and more common, businesses will need to make sure that they stay competitive. Want to be one of the first results that people happen upon when they voice search a topic? Then it’s important to incorporate longtail keywords (meaning phrases multiple words long) into your website content. You’ll want to try to match exact phrases that you suspect people would say when they voice search for your product or service.

#5  Personalized Marketing

I also expect to see an increase in personalized marketing in 2020. Why? Because consumers are sick of the “everywhere, all-the-time” generic ads. They’re so common that buyers are almost programmed NOT to notice them! Instead, they expect ads that won’t waste their time. 

So, how can you jump on the personalized marketing train? Consider delivering messages to specific demographics with your message targeted clearly to them and them only. Use MailChimp or HubSpot to create segmented email lists (instead of the dreaded one-size-fits-all email that won’t get read).

#6  Messenger Apps

Speaking of communicating with your audience, expect to see social media apps like Facebook Messenger being used by businesses, not just friends and family. And customers like it too. They find it quick and easy to just tap the “Send Message” button when they’ve got a question rather than looking up a company’s website, finding the “Contact Us” page, and filling out a generic form. Social messaging apps feel direct and intimate. Plus, they get customers to the right person much faster.

#7  More Transparency

Today’s customers not only like to interact with trusted brands, but they’re also extremely loyal once they’ve found a product or service they love. So, how can you deepen your relationship with your customers? 


In 2020, I believe customers will expect to do business with people they know, on a real level, and you can make that happen in many ways. Consider one of the following:

  • Create a podcast where you interact with your customers on a regular basis.
  • Produce relevant content that serves a specific need that your customers have.
  • Make use of the Facebook Story feature to give your audience an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at you and your business.
  • Increase your output of video content on your social media pages.
  • Engage in the comments section on your YouTube page or blog.

Take 2020 Head-On With Your Content Strategy!

Notice the similarities between the 7 Content Marketing Trends above? They’re all digital, they all require authenticity, and they all take just a little more work for a lot more reward. Now you can take 2020 head-on and reach more people for your business than ever before!

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